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About Us

Summerville Cricket Club (S.C.C.) was established in 2013. The club is growing fast.  We now have over 80 people in our database, mainly players.  If you want to be added to this list and receive updated information please contact us.

S.C.C. has been funded in part by the town. Thanks to Mayor Collins and committee who have wholeheartedly supported this venture, continued support from Cat Five Houses of Charleston.

S.C.C. are proud to promote Summerville businesses. 
Thank you Summerville for giving us a place to play this great game.

We are not part of any cricket league yet so any teams that want to challenge us please go to our "Contact Us" page to arrange a fixture.

Our club is made up of people from many different countries:  
Great Britain, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies and USA.  These cricketers already know how to play.  However we will gladly teach and help people learn the game. 

One of our goals is to develop youth cricket. We will be offering free coaching soon to anybody 16 or under.